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Nail Clippers

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Well trimmed claws are less susceptible to tearing, splitting and infections.


Keep claws routinely trimmed so that the end of the nail protrude beyond the pad


Bathing will soften the claws in prepeation for trimming. Make a smooth, quick cut keeping the paws steady.


Claws should be trimmed to within 2mm of the blood vessels. You can check the location of the quick by shining atorch through the claw. Blood vessels will show up darker.


In black claws when the blood vessels are hard to locate, trim cautiously removing small amounts of the nail, until a darkening at the centre is visable. This is were the blood vessel begins.


Should you accidentally trim the claw to short and draw blood, apply a light pressure for a moment and the bleeding should stop, if it continues use blood stop powder on the nail untill powder solidifies.


These nail clippers are suited for smaller dogs, a larger size nail clipper is available for thicker nails on bigger breeds.


    Take care when cutting your own dogs nails, seek our help if the dog is distressed by the process and follow this link to our nail cutting tutorial video for guidance. 


    Refunds offered upon recipt of returned item.


    3-5 Working days